Class Descriptions

Inner Fire Vinyasa  /  Mindful. Spacious. Cathartic. 

An all-levels vinyasa flow class sequenced to build strength, improve posture, and cultivate peace.  Expect some longer pose holds to challenge your awareness and focus. Each class will finish with a restorative period for deep relaxation. Non-heated class. 

Level 1  /  Fundamental. Fluid. Energetic.

Are you ready to turn up the heat? This class is practiced in a hot, climate-controlled studio. This beginner sequence will help you build strength, increase flexibility, and bring awareness to the breath. In this Vinyasa (meaning breath linked to movement) style class, postures will be accompanied by music.

85-90 degrees, 65% humidity.

Level 2  /  Dynamic. Strengthening.  Stretch.  

This class offers dynamic sequencing in a heated, climate-controlled studio. Postures focusing on strength, core-engagement, and balancing will get you moving, breathing and sweating! (Bring a towel and water!) Set to music, this class will invigorate your body and mind. Some knowledge of postures is recommended.

85-90 degrees, 65% humidity.

Yoga Sculpt  /  Target. Powerful. Electric. 

You will push yourself to new limits with this fusion of high-energy aerobic sequences combined with strength-training and free-weight exercises such as squats, bicep and triceps curls, and lunges. All set to heart-pounding music. Some knowledge of postures is recommended.

85 degrees, 65% humidity.

Candlelight / Rhythm. Fire. Peace.

An all levels class set to hip-hop music sequenced to stretch and restore your body from the inside out. Expect to creatively flow through poses focusing on strength, core-engagement, balance and finish with an emphasis on release and surrender. This class is heated and practiced in candlelight, setting the space to relax, unwind, turn off, and tune in.  

85-90 degrees, 65% humidity.