Steph T.

favorite yoga pose: legs up the wall

least favorite yoga pose: dolphin

teaching style: flow based, movement with intention.

hobbies outside of yoga: spending time outdoors and anything that involves delicious food and good wine

Insta: @mrsclaymatthews


Misty H.

favorite yoga pose: dancer's

least favorite yoga pose: camel

teaching style a good balance of being a physical challenge, yet still accessible for anyone.

shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving: sky diving

Insta: @mistysunray

Grace Yoga Pic.jpeg

Lars L.

favorite yoga pose: pincha mayurasana (forearm stand, feathered peacock)

least favorite yoga pose: tittibhasana (firefly)

teaching style: encouraging, energetic, light hearted and alignment based

the best part of waking up is: coffee



Sean F.

favorite yoga pose:

least favorite yoga pose:

teaching style:

dream vacation:

Insta: @brokentoeyoga